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       Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -the Pennsylvania "Dutch" Country- has been famed for its tobaccos since before the American Revolution. Now, just as in early days, Lancaster County's Amish and other traditional family farmers grow the rich, full-bodied Pennsylvania Seedleaf for our cigars. These hard-working farmers with their large families and tradition of helping each other, produce millions of pounds of tobacco each year. They still do things the old-fashioned way-planting, growing, hand-harvesting, then barn-curing their tobaccos for just the right time before offering them for sale to buyers from all over the U.S.A.


.        For our fine cigars, we blend Pennsylvania and other domestic and imported tobaccos, and use the time-honored techniques that mean real smoking satisfaction.

       Whether you chew or smoke, we invite you to enjoy tobacco products made with old-fashioned care and pride.

Lancaster Corona/Lancaster Palma
Pennsylvania No.2/Little Ivan

Lancaster Corona

Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper
Pennsylvania Broadleaf Binder
Imported & Domestic Filler
5 1/2x47
box of 50

Lancaster Palma

Natural Shade Wrapper
Imported & Domestic Filler
6 1/2x43
Box of 50

Pennsylvania No.2

Pennsylvania Broadleaf Wrapper
Connecticut Broadleaf Binder
Mostly Imported Filler
Box of 50

The blend formula for the Full Flavored is a careful balance of dark aircured cigar tobaccos. We use Pennsylvania Broadleaf as the base tobacco and blend this with Connecticut Broadleaf and other imported cigar tobaccos. This blend results in a smooth smoke with a full flavored cigar taste.

Length: 100 mm
Carton 10/20 Packs

WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive.